Monday, February 8, 2010

Second Monday in February

This year is definitely clipping along. February already and the sun did shine today. Bruce Guenther spoke to the assembled docents at the Portland Art Museum this morning. After the first thirty minutes of his ninety minute talk, I almost asked for some drugs -- that introduction was more disquieting than the images from the upcoming Disquieted exhibition. Think large (almost all of the works are definitely meant for museums) and you'll have some idea of the size of the majority of the pieces. I am considering running the numbers to see what the median size is. I'm guessing maybe 10 x 10. That's feet, not inches or meters.

The day had a blanket of fog over parts of the city, but the sun prevailed. Morning sun is best for reflections off of building windows, especially downtown. Plus, there's rising steam. They say energy comes out of the cracks in the sidewalk if you look closely.

Just finished commenting on Charles Noble's blog, a definite must read since he writes about music and his viola playing. Tonight's performance by the Oregon Symphony as well as Karen Gomyo solo violin has Voice from the Couch and myself still chattering away about music. 

You may wonder about the images for today (see them all of them here). I used the image of the Mountain Dew can because of its special memories for me... Here's the story.

Mountain Dew has a special spot in my heart. More caffeine than Coke so while biking across country it was the drink of choice. Park the tandem outside, head into bars in Kentucky, order a Mountain Dew. They're still talking about it.

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