Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Disquieted Image

Today was a great day out there on the street. I certainly did spend enough time there with my camera since I had done 70 minute run and then went to the movies with Raylene. Once that was finished and I had tea with her it was time to return home to finish the minestrone. She drove me so my only images are from before the movie after I had left the streetcar at SW 10th and Salmon.

I'm especially enjoying the shop windows that have these rather disquieting mannequins on display. This grouping came from Mario's, that upscale clothing store that some of us can frequent and others of us can only look through the windows. For all of the pix, click here. But I'll leave you with this rather stunning view of the South Park Blocks. Just imagine that you're looking at someone's photos from Italy or Germany. But it's right here in Portland for us all to enjoy.


  1. Fantastic, Sister/Sister! I especially like the mannequins. You should consider that a "blow-up" and enter it in the know the one.

  2. That mannnequin shot is terrific, LaValle. It feels like a ghostly bas-relief from a church or temple of some undefined faith ... disquieting, indeed.

  3. Must be the caffeine, but I clearly see the foreshadows of Rouen Cathedral in the background. Glad to walk these streets.


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