Thursday, February 25, 2010

Portland Art Museum ~ Disquieted and Quiet

Here are the four corners for the Museum Stop along the Portland Streetcar line. The actual stop is in the middle of the block. I chose to use the four corners to the south for this post. The Portland Art Museum is in the upper right. The structure to the west of it is the Elliot Tower, an upscale condominium building.  To the southwest is Safeway (follow the link to all of the images and you'll see a cross section of Portland residents) and to the southeast you'll see the streetcar crossing the intersection.

Disquieted is the current special exhibition and it is an over the top show of modern artists and their view of contemporary life. I'm fascinated with different types of hair so was pleased to see the fellow in the image below entering the museum quite likely to check out the Baldessari, the Gurskey, the Kruger and any number of other artists whose work is currently on display.

For a more tranquil approach the three people below were spending their time reading. One is at the museum, the other two in the park across the street. To see all of the images, including a squirrel with all fours off the ground, click here.

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