Wednesday, February 24, 2010

People Along the Streetcar

A subtext for today would be not just people along the Streetcar line but homeless and "street people".  The alternative universe from those who go to work every morning in the buildings along the streetcar here in Portland. Although the sun peeked out from around the clouds this morning it was a bit chilly, right around fifty degrees. Although I enjoyed this woman's tattoos seeing her in a dress with spaghetti straps gives me the shivers as I sit in front of the fireplace writing this post.

If you're a reader of Portland Through My Lens, you'll recognize the fellow in the first image. Heading down to Broadway alongside the Schnitz is where I usually see him with his sleeping bag draped like a long cape. Today's is perhaps not quite as regal looking as some of the others. The second image is of a street person who I think I've seen before. She normally is wearing a rather large head covering. We'll see what happens in the summer when it's warmer. The third image is of a group of young street people with their pets. You have to wonder where they'll be ten years from now. For all of the images from today, click here.

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