Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aerial Views

View from the top of the Aerial Tram here in Portland. Take the Portland Streetcar to OHSU by the waterfront and you'll have the opportunity to take the aerial Tram to OHSU's Marquam Hill campus.
 Stairway to the "Heavens"

On the way up you'll pass over the tracks that the streetcar used to get you to the Tram stop.
View of the Portland Streetcar Tracks from the Aerial Tram


  1. I don't remember this red place from my one trip on the tram. I do remember enjoying myself very much. If you've got a moment, please visit my special New Year's Eve post at Portland Oregon Daily Photo.

  2. Lynette,
    If you click the tram photo, you'll go back to its spot on Flickr. I've added another view that includes the glass walkway to the tram entrance. The next time you're up there you'll find a doorway at the hospital that will take you to an outside patio area with a great view of this area. There are benches and chairs and art. Worth a trip.

    Congratulations to you and your husband.


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