Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Might Have Been

When we first moved to Portland, one of the townhomes across from this mural on NW 12th was available for sale. We chose not to buy that, but when I walk by I always think about what might have been. The view around the corner would have been one I would have seen daily (first image on the left). Tonight I walked by both of these spots to go to class at PNCA. Their CE courses are discounted for the Seniors of the community. I'm enrolled in a Tuesday night drawing class. My skills are improving to the point that you the viewer would be able to tell the table from the chair now. Maybe someday I'll post one of my works. In the meantime, one of my classmates offered to let me take a photo of her hand after a charcoal drawing. Art is great, you get a chance to get all "dirty" with paints, pencils and charcoal. For all of the "streetcar" images from today click here. For a study of five hands, click here. And for some from my neighborhood, click here.

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