Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Memories Surfacing

Looking over today's photos from the Streetcar adventure, I'm taken back to any number of memories. First up are the steps/seats at Pioneer Square. Voice from the Couch and I have spent many happy hours in Portland's Living Room ~ movies, the Italian Fest, Indian Festival, Sand in the City, the World Cup. The list is long.

Then there's the image of the woman bicycling with her children "Laos" style. There are at least two of these bicycles/riders in Portland ~ one bicycle is silverish and one is red. Both of them are better styled for this purpose than what's used in Laos where up to five or six kids are packed on the back. Voice from the Couch and I spent almost three weeks in Laos several years ago. It's a beautiful country, go visit...

And last but not least is this Single Speed Bicycle. I've taken shots of any number of this style of bicycle recently. They're extremely elegant and very efficient. But then there's the issue of your knees. And hips. In any case, I'm reminded of one acquaintance who biked the Terrible Two on a single speed ~ that's a 200 mile bike ride in California's Sonoma and Napa Counties (see map here). Admittedly he did have a brake. And that's a good thing since there were 16,000 feet of climbing over the course of 200 miles between the hours of 5:30am and 10:30pm in one day. Some of those climbs were steep as were the descents. I successfully completed the course twice, both times with brakes and both times within the allotted time to be considered a Finisher. And I had many more gears than one!!!

You should consider taking a gander at all of the images for the day (click here). In addition to a cool remodeling shot there's a series of five in which an OHSU employee puts out a fire in a trash container next to the streetcar I was waiting in while the north wind came down from Alaska.

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