Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Many Streets Near the Streetcar

Dreamgirls will be playing here in Portland during April. Although the venue will be the Keller Auditorium, this couple was looking at a poster hanging at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. The woman has my dream hair, enough of it to display with beads flowing down her back. These two were in the middle of my excursion but the hair, the hair – they had to be first!!!

I walked along many streets along the streetcar line today – NW 23rd where I saw these people. Her hoodie is certainly dramatic and eye-catching. Although a number of shops have closed, there have been business openings. So it's worth a trip ... take the streetcar!
Later I walked along Columbia, down the Park Blocks (where I saw the woman with my dream hair),over to Oak and then took the streetcar out to NW 21st where I found this Buddha creating serenity in the backyards behind Laughing Planet where I had lunch earlier in the day. To see all of today's images, click here.

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