Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sun Also Means Photographers

Yesterday's post was entitled Sun Equals People. Today was the second day in a row for sun in Portland. Meetings and homework kept me from being out capturing images as much as I would have liked. During the 20 minutes I was able to be out, I saw at least ten people actively using their cameras, not just carrying them but actually pressing the "capture" button.

Think about the world around you as wild images to be caught and tamed by your camera. This woman had been doing just that. While I was standing looking across the park blocks, she turned and set her tripod and seemed to be pointing the camera directly at me. Probably not the case, I was just part of a larger picture and she would undoubtedly wait for me to exit her frame. I, on the other hand, thought about Barbara Kruger taking a photo of the person taking a photo of her in front of her sculpture of J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn. That's when I captured this woman in red. Perhaps she was doing the same and I'm in hers as she is in mine, a shared reality.

For the rest of the images, click here.

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