Monday, February 15, 2010

Portland on President's Day

Ah, the sun. It was a fine day around noon here in Portland on President's Day. Teachers' Park is just a block from the street car line. This is the view looking north. Enjoy it now because soon a very tall building will be where the sky is. While sitting there taking in the sights, Raylene and I each had a cup of butternut squash soup. The chef had prepared it with just the right amount of coconut in it. Yummm. In a few months, the actual restaurant will open in a building that is part of the park. In the meantime, this food truck is kept quite shiny and truly reflects the quality of the fast slow food or slow food fast however you want to place those words. 

Looking south there at Teachers' Park you'll see an apartment building undergoing restoration. Right now it has sheeting across the front. On stormy, windy days that sheet billows as if it were a sail. Today it reflected light from the Fox Tower as did the buildings behind it.

The next image is from Cafe Cello. I love this window. For all of the images from today, more people and reflections, click here.

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