Monday, February 22, 2010

Near Portland State University

If you take the streetcar south on 11th, you'll get very close to this little park between 11th and 12th on SW Market. Today, this bookcase sat there large as life waiting for its old owner, a new owner, perhaps some books, maybe some other goodies. How did it get there? We'll never know for certain.

Very near this park you find an owl sitting on a window ledge doing its job as described by the person who lives on the other side. Its commute isn't long and it seems quite content with life. Windows can definitely be portals to understanding the occupants behind the pane. For the photos from today, click here.

Mr. Owl has a job. His job is to drive away squirrels and rats, possums, pigeons. Those animals are all afraid of Mr. Owl's big yellow eyes.

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