Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faces on Walls and in Windows

Windows always make for interesting images. They frame a still life on the other side and that subject can be quite varied. In addition to life on the other side of the pane, windows reflect the world around them on the outside. And as you move, the scene inside and the scene outside the window change -- making for endless hours of entertainment, provide your own music. Here is one window (on NW 12th b/w Glisan and Flanders) with two larger than life faces. The faces seem to be in keeping with the Disquieted theme from the upcoming exhibition at the Portland Art Museum.

In addition to the other images from today (click here), the one on the brick wall below can be viewed in person outside of Hot Lips at the Ecotrust Building in the Pearl. It has a similar style as the one over on Savier although that one is much smaller.

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