Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Post in Two Parts

A quite remarkable day with a delivery of Badbeard Coffee. Two bags full are filling the house with coffee aroma. How am I expected to sleep? But I digress. Earlier today, I took two streetcar rides. Count them, not one, but two. The first doesn't count because I only had my iPhone camera with me. It was a great ride with many characters but ...  later I went out again with a slightly larger/better camera. Rumor has it though that the next generation iPhone will have a 5 megapixel camera, so just wait. Anyway, part of my ride included the walk and wait for the Streetcar in Northwest near Good Samaritan Hospital. Renaissance Bookstore is one of the nearby businesses and is quite photogenic as is St. Francis at the Linfield College Campus. Great shots. I'm enjoying these journeys.

Renaissance Bookstore
Renaissance near Portland Streetcar Line

St. Francis and the Crows
St. Francis along Portland Streetcar Line
Sculpture by Berthold “Tex” Schiwetz

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