Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Twenty Four Picture Day

What day could be a bad day if it starts with sock monkeys? Not just any sock monkeys, but anatomically correct ones! Yea!!!

If you remember the Heathman Hotel from the other day, the overall effect was gray without sun. Another yea, because today there was sun and here it is ... The Heathman and the Schnitz complete with the Garrison Keillor signage on the marquee for all you Keillor fans.

The plaza area at the Portland Art Museum was filled with people since it was just before 10. One of our favorites was directing traffic, helping that truck back into the loading dock.

Lots of great shots along 10th including some food carts, the mounted patrol, art, photographers, sticker graffiti and more people. (See them all by clicking here.) And of course there is one of the requisite streetcar. This time I was sitting on a bench at Lovejoy Bakers.

Lovejoy Bakers I think have broken "the curse" of the location. They're doing well. My last image is of these three heads. As Stephanie says I'm getting my Portland Art Museum "Disquieted" on.

For all the images from today, some more disquieting than others, click here.

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