Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Sunday in January

What happens to the days? Here it is January 31. Yikes, last year we were hosting Laura Nothern's birthday party. Laura has moved on and is creating great art (check it out here). Time does fly. And today was no exception. Beautiful images though and once again, not enough space to show the still life, store windows including Blackfish Gallery and much more. Check that out by clicking here and going to Flicker. Big Pink was exceptionally beautiful against the blue sky and white clouds.

Right after the cello, my favorite insturument (thank you Maury Cohen, Mark Salztman, Justin Kagan and Yo-Yo Ma ~ not necessarily in that order) is the violin. So I enjoyed taking a photo of this violinist, definitely not the best but not worst that I've heard. He and Chris at least show some entrepeneurial spirit.

1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness you didn't photograph and thereby encourage the scraggly guy who plays near Spella's cart. I'm way sick of him (many others too have voiced annoyance), and he seems to be a source of perpetual querulousness, most days WAY overextending his proscribed 90 limit in any given spot. Also sorta bullies away other performers. Not wholly untalented, but perturbing naytheless.
    But thanks for the coffee


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