Monday, January 4, 2010

Graffiti at NW 18th and Northrup ~ Portland Streetcar

There is graffiti in Portland. For the most part the area around the Streetcar stops and the areas immediately surrounding them are relatively free of graffiti. Or at least, they're consistently scrubbed of any anarchistic "art". NW 18th and Northrup is between The Pearl and the Streetcar turn around point at NW 23rd and Marshall. This is an empty lot used for staging of events and Christmas tree sales. The buildings show the ravages of emptiness and are occasionally ornamented with scribbles. Adorning the previously painted over "art" is this face. Not high on the street art status ladder it does attract attention in an area devoid of much human interaction.

To commemorate the purchase of my Portland Streetcar year pass, I snapped an image of myself in the window space next to the hand-drawn head. The pass means I'm golden for a year - ride the entire line Fareless Square and beyond!

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